“Be the best you can be throughout your menopause journey.”

Sabina Zeif, The Menopause Chef

About Sabrina

The Menopause Chef, Sabrina Zeif, is an innovative chef with over 25 years’ experience working in pharmaceuticals and health education. Even with Sabrina’s background, menopause hit her like a ‘ton of bricks’! She wasn’t prepared at all and spent the first years floundering.

She felt far too young to be going through such a big life change and the recommended recipes and eating plans that she saw online and in books felt limited. Sabrina felt there was a lack of community and professional support. Not to mention the mass of incredibly scary information on the web telling everyone how much their lives would fall apart during menopause.

Combined with the fact that society still thinks that we shouldn’t openly talk about menopause left her feeling confused and isolated. It suddenly dawned on Sabrina, that menopause is still a taboo subject and it needed to change.

The Menopause Chef brand is wholly owned by Fountain Retreats, dedicated Retreats for Menopause. Sabrina, our ambassador has made it her mission to help other women by empowering them with the right information to understand that menopause is just a life transition that should be embraced. She can be seen from time to time as a special guest appearing at retreats throughout the UK, also Ireland, France and Spain.

We all believe that together women can do anything!