Menopause Lunch Club

Join us at a Lunch or Supper Club near you. We use our great relationships with local restaurants and cafes to offer our own recipes and menus at our Lunch & Supper clubs. During your extended lunch or supper, you will enjoy food that is both nutritious and delicious from recipes by Sabrina. Your host … Read more Menopause Lunch Club

Menopause Cookery School

Wonderful news! We launch our Menopause Chef Academy this month. Our aim is to show women during midlife how to prepare the right foods. They will always be tasty and exciting. Our wonderfully delicious recipes help with disease prevention and aid menopausal symptoms. Husbands are also welcome at these cookery classes. It is so important … Read more Menopause Cookery School

Not An Old Lady Thing!

Menopause is not an old woman thing!

Do you think menopause is an old woman’s thing? Come on be honest? Sabrina did because at age 51 it was not a consideration even when my doctor said she was going through ‘The Change’. It never occurred to her that she was PERI-MENOPAUSAL from age 47 when I had a catalogue of symptoms which … Read more Not An Old Lady Thing!