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Dedicated Menopause Retreats

If you are the type of woman who never stops learning, loves to know what is happening to your mind and body, and would love to feel empowered again…then you will enjoy time at one of our dedicated retreats, created for perimenopausal and menopausal women. The Menopause Chef owned by Fountain Retreats prepares the delicious menus for the 1, 2 or 5 Day retreats that are delivered in wonderful venues throughout the UK, Ireland, France & Spain, with more expected this year, and more than 600 retreats planned for 2020.

During your stay you will be introduced to our specialist menopause Yoga teachers, who will show you the importance of Yoga and movement during this natural life-phase. Then Maryon Stewart trained Nutrionists deliver their guidance on nutrition, and naturally heling your menopausal symptoms by adjusting the way you think and fel about food. Maryon Stewart BEM is a celebrity diet & nutrition Guru, often writing for newspapers and called upon by TV channels to help talk about menopause and women’s health in general. She has written 27 books on the subject, and is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to natural health. Then, you will indulge in a healthy vegetarian lunch, but it will be very tasty! We want to show you how to use food in a way that heals and energises you, rather than slows you down. Reducing the amount of meat you eat, is proven to help reduce symptoms. Over lunch you will bond with your new friends, share stories and above all laugh, there is always lot sof laughter…the best medicine of all.

After lunch, meet the Nurse, she will run through all the things we really want to know about our bodies but were afraid to ask! There are no boundaries here, all topics are on the table including Vaginal dryness and HRT. It is educational, informative and enlightening.

After a speciality tea break, oh which one will you try? Perhaps Ginger & Lemon, or Spiced Green Tea? You decide. Then it will be time for you to feel utterly engaged with your own self during your special time with our resident Psychotherapist. Discovering helpful techniques to help combat sleeplessness, fatigue, anxiety and depression. You will feel like you can conquer the world by the time you leave.

If you would love to join our Fountain Family at one of our very special retreats, get in touch, or check out the website where all the retreat dates are displayed. We hope to see you very soon.

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