Menopause Lunch Club

Join us at a Lunch or Supper Club near you. We use our great relationships with local restaurants and cafes to offer our own recipes and menus at our Lunch & Supper clubs.

During your extended lunch or supper, you will enjoy food that is both nutritious and delicious from recipes by Sabrina. Your host who is a chef from our academy will be hosting this event, and discussions and topics stay on the menopause agenda.

Women share their stories and feel part of something very special, offering each other support and friendship. Alcohol is not off the agenda, but sensible drinking is, let’s keep those hot flushes to a minimum when we can!

Enjoy 3 courses, with wine and mineral water, followed by green tea. Food and conversation is always a great combo. Meet some amazing women and make life-long friends. PLUS receive a free gift from your host during your first visit. Prices from £49 All inclusive. Small ‘one-off’ joining fee of £29 applies. Events take place monthly in most areas.

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