Not An Old Lady Thing!

Menopause is not an old woman thing!

Do you think menopause is an old woman’s thing? Come on be honest? Sabrina did because at age 51 it was not a consideration even when my doctor said she was going through ‘The Change’. It never occurred to her that she was PERI-MENOPAUSAL from age 47 when I had a catalogue of symptoms which … Read more Not An Old Lady Thing!

Reduce Your Symptoms

How you age is profoundly affected by how you handle stress. If you can handle stress better your body is more relaxed and more capable of maintaining itself. If stress affects you too much it creates many imbalances in your body and this can exacerbate your menopause symptoms. When we’re stressed our adrenal glands focus … Read more Reduce Your Symptoms

Magnesium, Our Friend…

Magnesium levels reduce during menopause. All organs in the body including kidneys and heart need magnesium to function properly and magnesium also supports heart and bone health, enzyme production and enzyme activation. What is Magnesium Needed for? Good nerve function Keeping your mood up Good muscle function Keeping your heart healthy Keeping your thyroid balanced … Read more Magnesium, Our Friend…

Top Tip, Symptom Relief

one top tip

Researchers have found that women who work up a good sweat through exercise and are active three or more times a week for 30 minutes or more have reduced menopause symptoms as compared to those who live more sedentary lifestyles.

Sweat To Reduce Unwanted Sweats

One study has even found that losing weight through diet and exercise could ease hot flushes. In the study, they found that for every 11 pounds that a woman lost, she was roughly one-third more likely than women who did not lose weight to experience a decline in the severity or frequency of hot flushes.

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