Menopause Cookery School

Wonderful news! We launch our Menopause Chef Academy this month. Our aim is to show women during midlife how to prepare the right foods. They will always be tasty and exciting. Our wonderfully delicious recipes help with disease prevention and aid menopausal symptoms. Husbands are also welcome at these cookery classes. It is so important to have them involved. They will gain a better understanding of what is happening during menopause and beyond. This builds empathy within your relationship.

During your day you will work to our unique recipes and menus. You will also enjoy a few giggles. Of course, you will eat the wonderful lunch you prepare, and have open discussions about menopause, diet, and nutrition.

Our Academy Chefs are all women of a certain age. They share the same passion for food, cooking, nutrition and of course the menopause. Join us at our Cookery Schools taking place all over the country. Maybe you would also like to attend one of our Lunch or Supper Clubs? If you would like to reserve a place or find out where there is one near to you, or become one of our chefs – please fill out the form below…

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